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A review of something such as a film or book is a discussion of it by a critic who gives an opinion about its quality. A review can be an article if a newspaper or magazines or part of a radio or TV programme.


I collected $10 from an actor in the cast who had bet on good reviews for the lay.

I held an exhibition of my own paintings at Cambridge. The critical reviews were memorable.

… a collection of his television reviews.


A review can also be a magazine, or occasionally a programme on television or radio, which deals with the intellectual subjects, especially literature and the arts, and in which critics express  their opinions. Some of the magazines have Review  in their titles.


He made occasional contributions to the arts sections of the weekly reviews.

… the New yor Review of Books.

In an article I the Quarterly Review he found the information he was looking for.


A review can also be a study be experts of how something is done or managed. It is usually carried out in order to recommend changes and improvements.


He initiated a comprehensive review of industrial policy.

Nevertheless the review concluded against all the alternatives.

On 1 April he announced a full public review of the project.


A revue is an amusing entertainment produced in a theatre, with songs, dances, and comic sketches. Revues are often satirical.


… a four-man stage revue called Beyond the Fringe.

He had just finished writing a revue of Cochran called On With the Dance.

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